Teachers Workshop

Whitesides Elementary

Open to all CCSD classroom & special area teachers who expect to be teaching K to 5th grade during the 2017-18 school year

Monday, June 19th to Tuesday, June 20th 2017
College of Charleston
9AM to 3PM

Registration through Rodney Moore at CCSD
Continuing education credit and stipend provided by CCSD

Prior to the workshop, you will receive an information packet via email providing all the details you will need regarding room location, parking, lunch, and preparation.

This workshop prepares elementary school teachers to use the Engineering is Elementary curriculum

This learner-driven workshop is designed to build your knowledge of engineering and your confidence in teaching it. You’ll get hands-on experience with EiE materials and insights into the most effective strategies for teaching the curriculum.

During day one, you will

  • gain foundational knowledge of technology, engineering, and the engineering design process
  • become familiar with how EiE curriculum units are structured
  • become familiar with EiE’s underlying pedagogical approach
  • experience a full EiE unit, both as a learner and as a teacher
  • experience a variety of additional modified EiE unit design challenges
  • reflect on the learning experiences your students will have with EiE
  • reflect on the instructional strategies you’ve learned

During day two, you will

  • learn about school year resources and support provided by CofC Elementary Engineers, including materials, lesson prep, and possible collaborations with local STEM professionals
  • learn about local enrichment opportunities for your EiE unit
  • be given the opportunity to lesson plan with the EiE Teacher Guide of your choice

You will leave this workshop

  • prepared to teach any EiE unit in your classroom
  • confident that you can implement open-ended engineering design challenges with your students
  • equipped with the EiE Teacher Guide of your choice

If you can’t make this workshop or you are an educator at a private school or in a district other then CCSD, don’t worry we may have something for you too! We are happy to schedule and tailor EiE workshops and implementation support for your needs! Please contact us at warnere@cofc.edu or wesths@cofc.edu and lets us know if you are interested in a workshop for your school, coming to future workshops, or if you would like more information about the curriculum and our services.