Our Team


Laura Brock, Ph. D. (University of Virginia, Applied Developmental Science)

is an Associate Professor in Teacher Education at the College of Charleston. For the past decade, she has worked on interventions aimed at closing the achievement gap by capitalizing on children’s brain development through curiosity and hands-on learning. She began her career as a teacher in the Charleston County School District.







Rachael James, M.A.T. (College of Charleston, Early Childhood Education)

is a Research Associate at the College of Charleston. She is especially interested in children’s STEM learning through tinkering, recyclables, art, and engaging, locally relevant experiences.







Hall West, Ph.D. (University of South Carolina, Educational Psychology and Research)

is a Research Scientist at the College of Charleston. She enjoys evaluating learning environments in afterschool, summer learning, and elementary school settings and is focused on promoting diversity and improving equitable access to high quality learning experiences.






Combined, the three of us share a passion for early science education, environmental responsibility, and social justice. We think the evidence supports our desire to engage children at a young age by asking them to solve locally-relevant engineering problems. We believe scientists are born in early childhood, not graduate school.