Future Voters Need to Be STEM Literate

Little Girl and Obama Think about how important this election is and how complicated the issues are! Climate change, immigration, advancing technology, etc! Not every child is a future engineer, scientist, or a mathematician. But, it is more important than ever that every child learns to be science literate. Because, we need a future electorate who can make informed decision about increasingly advanced science and technology!

That’s why Elementary Engineers feels it’s so important to make STEM education accessable to all children in the Charleston area. The urgency is real! Check out the quote below:

“Low levels of science achievement are no longer a ‘gathering storm’ but now are ‘rapidly approaching a Category 5’ (NASNAEIM, 2010, p. 1) in their potential to derail the nations’s long-term global competitiveness (NASNAEIM, 2010, 2011). If left unaddressed, and given the nation’s increasing economic disparities, low science achievement may be experienced by growing segments of the U.S. adult population. The results may be an electorate with a more limited ability to understand pressing public policy issues necessitating increasingly greater scientific literacy as well as lower employment and economic prosperity (NESNAEIM, 2010, 2011).”

Morgan et al.. Science Achievement Gaps Begin Very Early, Persist, and Are Largely Explained by Modified Factors.

Photo from The Obama Diary