Abuzz with Plant Ecology

This past Friday, Mrs. H’s class of second grade agricultural engineers were visited by three plant scientist from The unPak (Undergraduate Phenotyping of Arabidopsis Knockouts) project at the College of Charleston. Biology Professor Courtney Murren and two undergraduate biology majors spoke with the class about their work researching plants. Then, they invited students to play games that helped to teach and reinforce students’ knowledge of pollinators and plant ecology.

A game of Memory in which students match the pollinator to the plant they pollinate.

Pollination themed game of Memory

Students learn that plant scientist classify plants into species according to their different characteristics. In this game students decide by which characteristics (e.g. shape, color, size)  they will organize their plants (a.k.a Legos).

Learning about plant sciences with legos

Students look under the microscope at different types of bees.

Looking at bees under the microscope

Students play a pollination themed game of Jenga in which they are only allowed to remove the blocks with pollinators on them. What happens when all the pollinators are removed from our community? Collapse!!

Pollination Themed Jenga