Who Wants to Get their Hands Dirty?

“Who wants to get their hands dirty?” is the question Cheryl Caremack and her assistant Lane, from Charleston WaterKeepers, posed to our elementary engineers. Their presentation on water pollution did not disappoint!

Our young engineers where given the opportunity to design their own watershed out of homemade play dough (Lane’s special recipe!). They were then instructed to pollute their water ways with trash (rainbow sprinkles), chemicals (grape cool aid powder), fecal pollution (brown sprinkles), and dirt (cocoa powder). When it rained (aka they sprayed it with water),  they observed how all the pollution traveled down their watershed and into the ocean!

Not only was this activity directly related to our theme of water quality– and the need for environmental engineers;  it was hands-on, engaging, and helped our young engineers to experience a real world phenomenon.

playdough watershed

Designing a watershed with rivers, lakes, roads, farms, neighborhoods, you name it!


Photo Aug 04, 11 29 11 AM


Playdough watershed with pollutants

A polluted watershed


A model watershed in action

Making it rain!

Students with WaterKeepers sticker

Thank you WaterKeepers!