The Perfect Field Trip: WaterMissions

engineers at workThere couldn’t have been a more perfect field trip this week than to Water Missions International. Before campers embark on preparing their own water filters tomorrow, they were able to meet with a environmental engineer and learn about how water filters used in communities around the world are constructed. They learned the filters at Water Missions use alum to remove particles from water, while we will be using pebbles and sand.

It was inspirational to see where real engineers work, what their offices look like, what their tools look like, many of our campers have never even met an engineer.

Campers were also able to learn about conditions around the world that contribute to unsafe drinking water like a lack of sanitation system. The flags and photos at Water Missions encouraged discussions about geography and different ways of living . This was a perfect tie-in to the book we are reading about a child in India who rescues a sick turtle from the polluted Ganges.

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