Earthworms Visit Camp and Stay For A Sleepover

This morning our youngest students took a break from agricultural engineering for a science lesson on earth worms. The students learned about what worms need to survive, what they eat, how they chew their food, and how their poop (yes, this got a few laughs!) creates healthy soil for plants to grow.

The students were excited to learn that earth worms were going to sleep over at camp in the habitat they created for them. They were also excited to learn that tomorrow morning they get to share their breakfast of watermelons and strawberries with the worms.


The worms tickled our hands as we observed them and placed them in their new home.



Our worm habitat included coffee grounds, water, and coir (coconut fiber) to stimulate the dark and damp soil, egg shells the worms use as teeth to help grind their food, banana peels and rotten strawberries to eat, and cardboard to cover the worms and help them feel safe!