Local & Global Engineering Challenges

Charleston Mrash

by Nick Amoscato via Flickr

Elementary Engineers is excited about using the Engineering is Elementary curriculum because it introduces children to real-life engineering challenges. In each unit students read a storybook about a child who solves a problem through engineering. Each storybook is set in a different country around the world, but many of the engineering challenges are relevant to the Lowcounty.

For example the EiE Unit “A Stick in the Mud: Evaluating a Landscape”

takes students to Nepal, where people rely on innovative cable bridges called TarPuls to cross flooded rivers during monsoon seasons. Digging into the role of geotechnical engineers, students must select a safe, flood proof, and erosion-proof location for a new TarPul Working with a model river bank, they study soil properties, examine maps to assess the potential for erosion at different sites along the river, and factor in the villagers’ preferences for a TarPul location. – EiE.org

Well, the Lowcountry is no stranger to flooding, rivers, or bridges. Elementary Engineers will take the EIE unit one step further and help students apply it to their hometown – Charleston,SC. Field trips to local sites and discussions with local engineers will ensure this engineering challenge comes to life!